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By: Jason Park | June 16, 2018

Hawaii Wedding Attire

So you have decided in on for a Hawaiian wedding and have a clear view in mind about everything. Well, from wedding locale to reception venue and every other destination wedding fantasy that you’ve had, now comes the time for you to decide on Hawaii wedding attire. Yes, it needs to be something different from your continental weddings for sure.

So here are the do’s you should look into:

1) Stay in the Vibe.

When in Hawaii, go for the Aloha way. Dressing up like the part is how you do that. Traditional Hawaiian wedding attire is all white. The bride wears a loose white gown along with a crown of flowers instead of a veil and the groom too waltzes around in white. You can even add a colorful sash to the groom’s outfit.

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2) Keep It Local.

Especially for the bride. For your hand bouquet and other decoration, opt for ingenious and seasonal flowers than importing the ones of your choice. This saves a big deal on the budget and also sets in the vibe.

3) Keep The Dress Code Casual.

Give your guests a valid reason to try some cool aloha dresses and shirts. An informal dress code not only removes the formality from the ceremony but also allows your attendees to enjoy themselves and see your wedding day as more than just a ceremony.

4) Flip Flop Your Way.

It is in common practice nowadays to provide your guests with flip flops to change into when they arrive at the ceremony venue. Other type of footwear doesn’t actually work that well when it is a beach Hawaii wedding. You might as well be kind enough to let your guests know before handed about the same.
Now comes the avoidable don’ts:

1) Ladies, please avoid wearing short dresses at all costs.

The wind game here is pretty strong and you might as well end of flashing publically! Save yourself the discomfort. Body tight dresses in hot colors are avoidable too.

2) Though the dress code is casual, it is still not acceptable for men to tag along in shorts!

Unless it is very explicitly mentioned to do so, you can avoid that. If you are looking for an acceptable casual Hawaii wedding attire then you can try cool printed Hawaiian shirts.

3) No High Heels. Please.

We get it that a perfect stiletto is what will compliment your dress but the same footwear will also restrict your movement on the beach. Try something beachy.

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4) Avoid Black If You Can.

Why? Because first it is a wedding and second, it is a beach wedding which means that you’ll be under the sun. Avoid the sweat and take a break from all time black.

The first rule of a beach Hawaii wedding is to let go of the unnecessary formalities. This is the time when you loosen the noose of the tie around your neck and toast in to celebrate the newly-wed couple. So celebrate it in style!

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