Romantic Hawaii Wedding

By: Jason Park | June 16, 2018

Hawaii Wedding Attire

So you have decided in on for a Hawaiian wedding and have a clear view in mind about everything. Well, from wedding locale to reception venue and every other destination wedding fantasy that you’ve had, now comes the time for you to decide on Hawaii wedding attire. Yes, it needs to be something different from your continental weddings for sure.

So here are the do’s you should look into:

1) Stay in the Vibe.

When in Hawaii, go for the Aloha way. Dressing up like the part is how you do that. Traditional Hawaiian wedding attire is all white. The bride wears a loose white gown along with a crown of flowers instead of a veil and the groom too waltzes around in white. You can even add a colorful sash to the groom’s outfit.

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By: Jason Park | June 08, 2017

Admit it or not but the stress of getting married in Hawaii is far more than its excitement. Obviously, when things get planned outside the hometown, it is natural to have mental pressure; the pressure of arranging everything up to the mark at an unknown place, the stress of dealing with the strangers without knowing the quality and transparency of their work and many other things. You might have got affordable Hawaii wedding packages, but there are some things which only you can manage and no package or service can help you. Therefore, just like all other weddings the wedding of Hawaii also has its own pros and cons. You can deal with it only by doing early preparations.

Planning Your Wedding In Hawaii

No doubt, getting married in Hawaii is a real fun but you know what ...

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By: Jason Park | June 23, 2016

Everybody thinks of having a perfect wedding, one that will leave everyone spellbound. And, a destination wedding is something that stands true for the above statement. But only a few can manage such grand and lavish arrangements. That is why it is rightly called a dream wedding. Couples, who want something different for their big day, generally prefer wedding in Hawaii. The Hawaii wedding is not just affordable, but offers a unique experience, creating magical memories of your special day that will last forever.

If you are in love with nature and think of spending time on those exotic island getaways full of ocean breezes, sandy beaches, and stunning sunsets, then you must go for a Hawaii Wedding. Its awesome scenic beauty and gorgeous bea...

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